I will have visits for one month and the service expenses increase

Image result for expensesThey say that not everyone was born to be a good host and that, for sure, receiving visitors in the house always causes great conflict. When you are single, it could be that things are easier, you do not have to think about space and much less about the number of people you should feed them.

Sometimes it is easy to think that “Where you fit one fits three”, however, often complicates much more than just that. What to do when your visitors are going to stay at home for a month? When cousins arrive, uncles or even your nephews to the house not only means that the expenses of services will increase, also the time and attention is involved which when you are a worker of the health sector it is practically impossible to have or to know at what moment you could be available.

For example, if the visits arrive because they decided that they want to tour the city, the most logical thing is that they will also want you to take them to know the most emblematic attractions of the state. What time? At what time? With what money? These are just some of the questions you start asking yourself when you find out that visits will arrive at your home.

So, how to prepare yourself for this event? While it is necessary to accommodate and make some arrangements inside the house, you should also look for ways to save as much as possible from the budget being that in the following weeks you could spend much more on the services and also in the pantry.

Next, we are going to give you a list of keys that you can follow to receive visits at home and not affect your budget:

Make a list of the dishes that the guests like to eat: Sometimes it is difficult to guess what your guests like to eat because it may turn out that some are on a diet or they may also follow a trend that they do not eat meat or some product derived from animals. Before this, what you can do is ask in advance what they would like to eat and with that, put together a weekly budget that also allows you to think about other gastronomic possibilities. For example, if someone does not eat red meat, you can think of different possibilities of cooking chicken or fish. With this list, you can also avoid spending on the purchase of unnecessary things or that are not taken advantage of properly.

Allows the circulation of light and natural ventilation: If you are going to have to make some modification in the furniture arranged so that they can place mattresses or some inflatable mattress so that everyone has a place to sleep, make sure they do not cover the light entrances and ventilation. By doing you could save on the electricity bill since you could turn on the light at night until the sun has set or, during the morning you can take advantage of the daylight. Another way to save money in the receipt of electricity is that through natural ventilation avoid turning on the air conditioning because it is logical that having so many people in one place, the heat begins to concentrate.

Define some rules inside the home: It might seem that talking about rules to guests would be like lack of courtesy or education, however, if you make it seem like a fun dynamic could give great results. An example is a schedule of watching television, although it is not the ideal activity when you visit the family if it is to be taken into account within the rules. You could also propose that everyone should see the same program in order to save on electricity. It is also important to take into account the consumption of water so it reduces and defines the time that each person can take bathing. This will help you reduce the impact of the visits in your pockets.

Receive visits at home is not something that only has an economic impact during the time of the stay, usually, the services that are paid bimonthly or monthly are also affected and could even cause future debts if you do not take care of them or contemplate them with anticipation.

Having visitors at home and more when they are loved ones is always a nice and fun time, however, you should be aware of this to avoid that the emotion makes you spend more. In Mexico, we like to consent to those we want but it is also prudent to have a limit on the accounts.

Another important point is that it is worth accepting that the guests contribute to the accounts. Even if you think that this is not a father or that it is not a gesture of hospitality, think that not accepting that money could cause you more than one debt. Or maybe you do not have to accept an economic amount but you could allow one day to buy the gas or arrive with a little larder.

If you have future economic problems, you can also think about the option of requesting loans for employees of the imss which work through discounts via payroll. This way, neither surprise guests nor family events will cause your finances to suffer an imbalance. If you learn to organize your finances in advance, you could invest in a new economic entry.

Remember that the credits are a financial tool that puts the balance in your favor, knows the best tips for bankruptcy and learns to use it.