Loan of hope – solidarity loan

The loan of hope is a credit access service provided by the Italian Episcopal Conference, an organization that brings together the bishops of the Catholic Church. The CEI has been launching for some years some facilities for access to credit for the most disadvantaged citizens and families, in order to favor social and economic inclusion. Among the instruments made available by the CEI there is also a guarantee fund, launched in 2009, powered by institutional and private subjects, which allows people in difficulty who turn to this institution to receive favorable conditions to obtain a loan.

The loan of the hope of Caritas is aimed at encouraging the reintegration of those who have lost their jobs or the launch of a self-employed activity : it is therefore a loan aimed at creating jobs. In fact, funding can be requested for training and professional retraining activities. In this way, the person in difficulty can acquire new skills on favorable terms and increase their chances of finding a new job or creating one on their own. In fact, the funding can be used to finance the attendance of training courses and similar tools.

The loan can be requested by natural persons


(temporary workers, unemployed young people, unemployed), disadvantaged families and micro-enterprises, perhaps in conditions of start-up or restructuring. To be able to obtain the loan you must go to the nearest office of the diocesan Caritas. The documents for the loan of hope vary depending on who submits the request. In the case of natural persons, it is necessary to present:

  • an ISEE certification;
  • copy of the documentation issued by ASL, INPS or other public body on the condition of hardship, illness or disability;
  • in the event of unemployment, the letter of dismissal or registration with the unemployment lists.

In the case of micro-enterprises, on the other hand, you must present yourself


  • VAT number and Chamber of Commerce registration;
  • balance sheet for the last 3 years;
  • business plan to relaunch the professional activity or the start-up;
  • the DURC.

At this point, the banks participating in the loan of hope will be contacted by the staff to whom you have turned and should provide subsidized loans, thanks to the guarantees provided by the CEI fund.