My whole family comes to dinner on September 15 and I have nothing prepared

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The uncles you did not see years ago, the cousins ​​who live in another state of the Republic and even the nephews who got married and went away to live away from the family, it turns out that everyone agrees and from one day to the next they let you know They will meet at your house this September 15 to have dinner and live together.

You like to be the host of this type of events since you enjoy cooking and sharing with your loved ones, however, this time the news will surely make you very happy because the current economic situation and the price increase could prevent you from receiving them to everyone and give them a banquet as they deserve.

Also considering the space with which you count, you think that it would be practically impossible to have them all together in your house but being your family and also, considering that it is a day in which they can all live together without the worry of the next day, for sure you think about that there is no other option but to accept being the place where everyone meets again.

Food, higher expenses in household services, mattresses so everyone can sleep, gas and also, the attention that visitors require. What could you do a few days after the date arrives? There is no option, you will have to invest in the expenses that are necessary and perhaps, sooner than you imagined.

But really there is not everything because some expenses can be covered and even if the dinner lasts one day, the debts are extended until one or two months later.

Also, taking into account that the return to classes just took place a few weeks ago, we could be talking about finances that are not stable and much less healthy. Are you still not over the school fees and are you already planning the family dinner?

Some of the most frequent expenses at this time are:

Decoration: If in addition to feeling proud of being Mexican you like to demonstrate it at every moment, the decoration is an element that can not be missing.

From cornets and hats to crayons to paint the Mexican flag on your body, these are all expenses that, although they seem small, imply an exit for which you are probably not prepared.

Although it is also true that in the small details is where the fun is and it is always worth acquiring certain things that will make fun and entertaining family moments.

Inflatable mattresses and mattresses for all visitors: Oh no! Where will all visitors go to sleep? It is true that in these situations the space on the floor of the bedrooms is never enough, however, it is also necessary to buy mattresses or mattresses where they can rest without putting their health at risk.

These are the moments when beds and armchairs are never enough, so what should you do? The best thing would be to assess the possibility of acquiring some of these elements that will help make rest after a fun family night more pleasant for everyone, even if there are small children in the visits.

Typical food: Sure! Talk about some Mexican festivities and considering how varied our menu is, we can not leave out the deliciousness of eating an exquisite pozole during these days.

But in addition to pozole, there are different dishes that can also accompany this day such as stewed toast or sopes and pambazos. Although the most traditional is the pozole, you can also offer your guests different typical proposals that you will surely love.

In this way everyone will be delighted to eat the delights that we sometimes look forward to every year to delight our palates. Traditional drink: Which can not go unnoticed either.

But this does not necessarily have to be alcohol, in the different states of the country the traditions change and this year could be a good option to do something different and that does not affect much your pockets. At the end of the day, it does not matter if you only get the classic red drink, the important thing is that you live the tradition to the surface.

But September 15 is not the only date that requires a large economic investment. Soon other festivities are approaching and it is best to relieve our pockets once and wait for gifts and dinner to surprise us.

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