Open A Current Account for Everyone / Commitment of Banks

 In 1995, the major banking associations (Deutsche Kreditwirtschaft) drew up the following recommendation on the “checking account for everyone” :

All credit institutions holding checking accounts for all sections of the population will, upon request, have a checking account for each citizen in their respective business district. This gives the customer the opportunity to receive credits, to cash in and out and to participate in the transfer traffic. Overdrafts the credit institution does not need to admit. Each institute is free to offer additional banking services.

The willingness to keep accounts is basically given, regardless of the nature and amount of income, eg. Eg unemployment benefit, social assistance. Entries with the Schufa, which point to bad economic conditions of the customer, are not alone reason to refuse the guidance of a Girokontos.


The bank is not obliged to keep a current account for the applicant if this is unreasonable. In this case, the bank may also terminate an existing account.

New : Here you will find a comparison of all-rounder accounts (also called basic account genannat) German banks.

Unacceptable is the opening or continuation of an account, especially if

  • the customer misuses the services of the bank, in particular for illegal transactions, eg. B. fraud, money laundering o. Ä.
  • the customer makes false statements that are material to the contractual relationship
  • the customer grossly harasses or endangers employees or customers
  • the intended use of the account to participate in cashless payments is not given because z. For example, if the account is blocked by acts of executing creditors or is held for a year without turnover
  • it is not ensured that the Institute receives the customary fees agreed for the account management and use
  • the customer also does not comply with the agreements.